Vignettes - Mrs Hari and her family, current experience

Mrs Hari, 68, lives in a remote coastal village 200 km away from the closest town. Mrs Hari and her husband live in a joint family of eleven, which consists of their two sons and their respective wives and children. The eldest grandchild is the first person from the family to go to college and lives in a hostel in a city. Mrs Hari comes from a long line of fishing families. All the men are local fishermen; in the off-season the family works on harvesting crops on their small farmland. Mrs Hari has always been active, strong-willed head of the household. Over the past year, she has been having memory problems, but this has remained unrecognized by the family. Recently, the family has observed changes in her behavior and personality, which has caused concern.


The daughter-in-laws have observed that she keeps forgetting the names of close relatives and is unable to carry out her daily chores. Mrs Hari has also been blaming her daughters-in-law for stealing her bangles and sarees, which has caused rifts within the household. Last year, the whole family went on a pilgrimage and made offerings to the […]

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