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The Dementia Situation in Jamaica

Policy summary and in-depth review of the dementia situation

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Access to dementia care

Case vignettes describing how people in different circumstances may access, or not, dementia care, treatment or support

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Awareness and Stigma

Read about stigma experienced by people and their carers living with dementia

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Family and other Carers

Read about carers for people living with dementia

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Theory of change

Building a theory of change to address dementia care, treatment and support gap

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STRiDE in Jamaica

Meet the team

Discover the people working to strengthen dementia responses

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07 Oct 2022

New STRiDE anti-stigma toolkit

Introducing the new STRiDE Dementia Project Anti-Stigma Toolkit (PDF) The consequences of stigma are often described as being as bad or worse than the impacts of dementia itself. At the individual level, stigma can undermine life goals, reduce participation in meaningful life activities and worsens a person’s quality of life. At the societal level, it can […]

02 Sep 2021

Paper: Active inclusion of people living with dementia in planning for dementia care and services

Principles on how to involve people living with dementia in service design and planning have been explored as part of the STRiDE Project. The paper was written by STRiDE colleagues, Erica Breuer, Emily Freeman, Suvarna Alladi, Marina Breedt, Ishta Govia, Mariana López-Ortega, Christine Musyimi, Deborah Oliveira, Meera Pattabiraman, Tara Sani, Marguerite Schneider, Kate Swaffer, Dubhglas […]

01 Jul 2021

New paper: Building a strategic theory of change to address dementia care, treatment and support gaps

A new paper describes the Theory of Change (ToC) approach used by the STRiDE Project to co-design our research project and to develop a strategic direction for dementia care, treatment and support, with stakeholders. The paper was written by a number of STRiDE colleagues led by Erica Breuer and published in the journal Dementia today. […]

14 May 2021

Webinar: Providing unpaid care to people living with dementia, 27 May 2021, 1pm (GMT)

21 Apr 2021

Video: STRiDE on-demand session as part of ADI 2020 conference

Members of the STRiDE Project joined an on-demand session within Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 2020 conference to provide a birdseye view of the project and respond to delegate questions.

16 Apr 2021

Video: STRiDE workshop as part of ADI 2020 conference

The STRiDE Project led a workshop as part of Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 2020 conference. This workshop outlines the progress made towards the project’s goals. This session was recorded for the ADI 2020 conference.

21 Mar 2021

Video: Webinar highlighting dementia care provision and priorities across STRiDE partner countries

STRiDE partners across our seven countries presented on dementia care provision and priorities in their countries on 25 February 2021 as part of STRiDE’s External Webinar Series.

10 Jul 2020

STRiDE contributes to ADI documentary ‘Hope in the Age of Dementia’