Vignettes - Mrs Silva and her family, current experience

Mrs. Silva is in her late 70s, is from a Mixed-Race ethnic group (“pardo”), and lives in a remote rural area in Aquidauana city, state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Mrs. Silva is the maid of the large cattle farm owner and has lived with her family in a small cottage in that farm all her life. Mrs. Silva has always been really active and never felt the need to have health checks. Recently, Mrs. Silva has suffered a stroke, which has affected all her day-to-day activities and has led Mrs. Silva to develop memory impairment. Mrs. Silva’s increasing health needs has forced her daughter to quit her job and move in with her mother to provide full time care. Mrs. Silva depends on the public health service for all her health needs, and this is located within 20km distance by car. Her daughter has been extremely stressed and tired as she feels totally unsupported. She feels impatient with her mother and has used of physical restrains to contain her mom’s movements so that she can do the housework.


Mrs. Silva would probably already be linked to the secondary care system (in the urban area) due to her previous stroke. Her daughter would bring the memory symptoms up during one of her appointments and the neurologist would probably be trained to suspect dementia. Mrs. Silva and her daughter would have to do several trips […]

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