Vignettes - Mrs Jacqueline and her family, current experience

Mrs. Jacqueline is in her late 70s, is from a White ethnic group, and lives in a rural area in a remote part of Aquidauana city, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Mrs. Jacequeline and her husband own a large cattle farm and have several employees living in little cottages around the large property. Mrs. Jacqueline has always been really active and never felt the need to have health checks. Recently, Mrs Jacqueline has suffered a stroke, which has affected all her day-to-day activities and has led her to develop memory impairment. Mrs. Jacqueline paid for all her care and exams privately and could pay for LTC services, however they live very far away from the main city and no service provider covers that area. Mrs. Jacqueline’s increasing health needs has forced her husband to stay at home to provide care, which has made him extremely stressed and tired as he feels totally unsupported. He is in his late 80s and is also struggling with his own health issues. Their two children live in other states and cannot come visit them easily.


Mrs. Jacqueline would probably be linked to a neurologist due to her previous stroke and her husband would be able to contact him\her directly to ask for an immediate home-based private consultation. The neurologist would provide a thorough assessment and would ask for exams. Mrs. Jacqueline and her husband would go to the main city […]

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