Vignettes - Mr Hugo and his family, current experience

Mr Hugo is in his late 60s, is from a White ethnic group, and lives with his wife in a large middle-class condo in Rio de Janeiro. Mr Hugo is a respected business administrator and still works every day. The company employees have been commenting about Mr Hugo “strange behaviour” and have spoken to the Human Resources (HR) department about it. The HR demanded Mr Hugo to take sick leave against his will, which really affected Mr Hugo’s confidence. His wife is concerned and has tried to convince Mr Hugo to book an appointment with his doctor, however Mr Hugo does not believe there is anything wrong with himself. He has got lost several times while driving his car, for which the police has been actioned once. He is now in risk of losing his driving license and Mr Hugo’s family is worried about his mental wellbeing, as well as his safety.


Mr. Hugo has a private health insurance and have regular health checks with his geriatrician. Once his wife convinced Mr Hugo. to go for an appointment with his geriatrician, they would easily be able to book an appointment for the next week or so. The clinic he normally goes is close by and Mr. Hugo […]

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