Vignettes - Mr Gautam and his family, current experience

Mr Gautam is 45 years old. He lives with his wife, two small children and his mother in a rented apartment in a major metropolitan city in India. Mr Gautam and his wife both work full time. Mr Gautam has been working as a financial services consultant at an international consulting company. Mrs Gautam works as a software developer for an IT company. They recently bought a modern upmarket apartment and plan to move in after the renovations are completed. Over the past couple of months, Mr Gautam has been receiving complaints from his colleagues regarding his poor performance at work. Mr Gautam has been given multiple warnings by his employer, who eventually recommends that he see a physician.


Mr Gautam decides to visit his family physician at his private clinic for a consult. The family physician states that it is probably just stress that he is experiencing and advises Mr Gautam to exercise and engage in yoga and meditation. Mr Gautam pays for this service out-of-pocket. Mr Gautam continues to miss deadlines at […]

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