Vignettes - Mr Frank and his family, current experience

Mr Frank and his wife are returning residents from the United Kingdom living between the parishes of St. Elizabeth and St Andrew in Jamaica. They operate a few residential rental properties located in both parishes where they collect rent monthly. They share three adult sons living in the parish of St Andrew, where job opportunities were more available. Recently, Mr Frank began forgetting routine activities such as collecting rent, driving routes, the time of day and is displaying unpredictable behaviours. As such, one of his sons decided to move in with his father to keep an eye on him. One night, Mr Frank’s son heard the front door open at 3:00 am and saw his father heading out, informing his son that he was on his way to work. Out of concern for his father, his son recommended that he sees a health professional. Mr Frank, described as stubborn, refuses to go and became aggressive with his son when he threatened to take away the car keys.


Mr Frank’s reluctance to visit the doctor and comply with the suggested changes put forth by his son will make it very difficult for his symptoms to be adequately addressed. Mr Frank’s wife and sons are likely to contact Mr Frank’s general practitioner, without him knowing, about these challenges and to seek advice. Mr Frank’s […]

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