VIDEO | Introduction to Theory of Change (ToC)

Introduction to Theory of Change (ToC)

12 Oct 2020

Hong Kong SAR

In this video, Dr Erica Breuer introduces the content and purpose of Theory of Change (ToC), which is an approach to develop a program theory. It helps to think about how programs want to reach an impact and it can be used for monitoring and evaluation. She responses to the following three questions:
1. What is theory-of-change? Is it a theory and what does it do?
2. Is a theory-of-change useful only for programme evaluation? Where has it been used in the areas of mental health and aged care?
3. What is the relevance of theory-of-change in ensuring programme/policy impact?

Speaker information:
Dr Erica Breuer
Conjoint Lecturer
School of Medicine and Public Health,

University of Newcastle, Australia
Twitter @eri232