Questionnaire for STRiDE network


Please complete your response by 31 August 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to share your inputs.

Network Questionnaire

Tell us about you and your organisation

Are you interested to be part of the network either individually or as part of a project or institution? (Tick all that apply)

Your thoughts on planning the network

2. What do you think should be the aims of the Network? Below are some ideas of possible aims and objectives.

  • Coordination of research on dementia care and costs and function as a central database of research – synthesising and dissemination of knowledge
  • Providing guidelines for research (conceptual frameworks, methodological approaches, evidence to policy translation, etc. – enabling learning; and be a repository of methodologies for working towards strengthening responses to dementia, and development, implementation and evaluation of a national dementia plan.
  • Facilitating collaborative work across regions – grant writing and projects; leveraging resources; building partnerships
  • Capacity building – e.g. Early- and Mid-career peer support and mentorship
  • Building on the work of the STRiDE study
  • Engaging with people living with dementia
  • Just networking
  • Other – specify

3. How do you think such a network should be governed?

  • Should there be a fixed secretariat? If yes, where should it be located geographically and organisationally (within a university or existing NGO or independent structure)?
  • Membership structure – individual and/or organisational membership;
  • Breadth of representation?
  • Active vs passive reception of information
  • What governance structure?
  • Link with Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and Dementia Alliance International (DAI)