Prevalence and impacts of dementia in Indonesia

Between September 2021 to December 2021, we completed a dementia prevalence survey in Indonesia. Sampling was done by multistage random sampling within Jakarta and North Sumatra.  A database of older adults (aged 65 years and older) were identified. In a single-phase design, older adults were asked to complete a comprehensive set of questionnaires spanning cognition, functional status, caring context, lifestyle habits, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and stigma. Using the 10/66 short schedule, older adults with probable dementia were identified. Prevalence estimates were calculated on 2,110 older adults. Initial analysis suggests that the prevalence of dementia is 23·4% (95% CI = 21·6-25·3) within Indonesia. Concerningly, only five participants (0.2%) reported to have received a diagnosis.  A paper on the prevalence estimates are currently submitted for publication.