DESK REVIEWS | 09.01.08. Discount transportation fares

DESK REVIEW | 09.01.08. Discount transportation fares

Older people (aged 65 or plus, regardless of living with dementia) are entitled to use urban and semi-urban collective public transportation free of charge. In relation to interstate collective transportation system, there is the “Free Pass” (Passe Livre) program. It is a national program that guarantees free fares for people who have proven to be in financial need (total household per capita monthly income lesser than one national minimum wage) and who live with disability (mental, physical etc.) (Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure, 2019).


Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure. (2019). Passe Livre—Como Pedir.

While there are no discounted transportation fares for persons with dementia, a few state governments provide concessions to senior citizens using the state transport buses (Vikaspedia, n.d.-a). In addition, the Indian Railyways and airlines for domestic flights provide fare concessions to senior citizens as well (Vikaspedia, n.d.-a).


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No universal transportation discount programs are in place in Mexico. However, older adults can register in the National Institute for Older Adults and get a wide variety of discounts (amount and type) with public and private institutions that have collaboration agreements with INAPAM[1]. Thus, they could get specific transportation fares/discounts (airlines, coaches) if agreements are in place. On the other hand, there are some states/localities that offer transportation benefits, for example, Mexico City where older adults do not have to pay for public transportation (buses, underground, etc.).

[1] INAPAM publishes a directory of all the services/institutions they have established agreements with in their webpage. Information is presented by categories of discounts: food, legal and accounting consultancy, education, culture, recreation, and sports; property tax and water services; health; transport; dress and home. For each category, there is a downloadable directory with information by state. Available at: