DESK REVIEWS | Housing adjustments

DESK REVIEW | Housing adjustments

No, but they may receive advice on what should be done to the house.

The Persons with Disabilities (Amendment) Bill, 2019 Part 2B (2f – iii) states that the county executive committee member in each county shall coordinate the implementation of programmes developed by the Council and the Authority relating to persons with disabilities in the county, in particular coordinate programmes on accessibility and reasonable accommodation (Republic of Kenya, 2019). There is no literature indicating whether persons with dementia or disability should have the housing adjustments for free or not (in their homes). However, the bill states that persons with disabilities should enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment equal to those enjoyed by an employee without a disability (Republic of Kenya, 2019). This is an indication that working environments or areas of accommodation outside their home should have such adjustments. The owners or employers should pay for such or apply to receive the infrastructure through the National Development Fund for persons with disabilities (National Council for Persons with Disabilities, 2011).


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No, and neither for older adults nor people with disabilities in general.