DESK REVIEWS | 07.04.08. What services are provided in (community) social centres?

DESK REVIEW | 07.04.08. What services are provided in (community) social centres?

Generally, social centres offer activities for people from childhood to older ages. The services provided are aimed to promote a sense of citizenship, so the services are: cultural activities, sports, courses that may promote a source of income (sewing, cooking), and social assistance according to the National Policy for Social Assistance (Brazilian Ministry of Citizenship, 2005).


Brazilian Ministry of Citizenship. (2005). Política Nacional de Assistência Social PNAS/2004 Norma Operacional Básica NOB/SUAS.

The concept of outpatient (community) social centres does not exist in Kenya.

No public social or community services available.

The South African Associations of Retired Persons (SAARP) is an example of a social service provider that offer free membership to older persons as well as encourage activities such as arranging outings and excursions (subsidised), public talks, and computer training to empower older persons to keep in contact with their children using email, etc. (for more information see Services provided by community social centres include for example, free will services, reading and social clubs, and assistance benefit plans (e.g., funeral plans and short-term insurance). The SAARP has about 28 social clubs that are run by volunteers and charge a small membership fee (to cover running costs) across the country (see