DESK REVIEWS | Are any of their activities funded by the government?

DESK REVIEW | Are any of their activities funded by the government?

Generally, the activities of the ARDSI are not funded by the government. However, the National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, provided funding to the ARDSI to train caregivers of people with dementia; however, some of the courses have been discontinued.

The government does not fund any of ALZI activities. However, according to ALZI internal reports, in some collaboration with government institutions, they provide in-kind support such as venue and meals.

None of the activities are funded by the government. ADOK is a Non-Governmental Organization that depends on donors for funding (Alzheimer’s & Dementia Organization Kenya, 2019).


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NGOs can apply for subsidisation of services provided to the community. For example, ASA receives a subsidy for services from the Department of Social Development (DSD). These subsidies are, however, restricted by funds available and competing priorities within the public sector.