DESK REVIEWS | 05.03.05. Community/city workers

DESK REVIEW | 05.03.05. Community/city workers

Only a few companies/organisations of public services have provided dementia training to their staffs. For the public transport, the Mass Transit Railway have arranged four batches of staffs to attend the ‘Get to Know Dementia’ Training Course during 2018 – 2019 which was delivered by the Hong Kong Medical Association (,

For the public utility, the Hong Kong Electric Company have registered as a dementia-friendly organisation under Dementia Friends Hong Kong and have arranged talks about dementia for its staffs.

For the public housing staffs, the Hong Kong Medical Association has also provided five batches of the “Get to Know Dementia’ training course to security personnel in several public housing estates in the Eastern District in 2017 (

Reply from Hamilton City Council – no formal training provided.