DESK REVIEWS | Task shifting/sharing

DESK REVIEW | Task shifting/sharing

Task shifting or sharing is not clearly mentioned in the components of care coordination in the existing dementia care model. In terms of workforce shortage in health and social care settings, task-shifting or sharing may happen among care professionals. Besides, the District Elderly Community Centre (DECC) may act as a sharing of burden on community support services to older people including dementia at district level and early screening of dementia at primary level.

Due to shortage of human resources and funding for mental health care, the current component of care coordination is often task-sharing (facilitated by NGOs). For instance, Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation has implemented task sharing approaches through training non-mental health specialists (nurses, clinical officers) to provide interventions to people with mental illness (including dementia) receiving care in primary health care facilities and community providers such as community health workers, traditional, and faith healers to identify and refer people with suspected mental illness for further care (Mutiso et al., 2018).


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