DESK REVIEWS | What proportion of the population purchases private health care insurance?

DESK REVIEW | What proportion of the population purchases private health care insurance?

Data from the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurances and Plans showed that around 23% of the population of Brazil purchased private health care insurance by the end of 2018 (National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurances and Plans, 2019a).


National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurances and Plans. (2019a). Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar.

According to the National Health Profile (CBHI, 2019), about 37.2% of the population was covered by any health insurance in 2017-18, while 62.8% of the population remain uninsured. Of those insured, 78% were covered by public insurance and the rest by private insurance  (CBHI, 2019).


Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI). (2019). National Health Profile. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. Available from

In 2017, life/health insurance made up 6.66% of all financial products owned by Indonesians aged 18 and older. However, this figure dropped to 4.47% in 2018 (Mahendradhata et al., 2017, p.44). (Please note the percentages are out of all respondents and there were 23.59% and 24.86% of people who did not have any forms of financial products in 2017 and 2018, respectively).

In 2013, BPJS established a coordination of benefits with some of the leading private health insurance providers to provide a top-up option for middle- and high-income members of the JKN, which may increase the uptake of private insurance in Indonesia (Mahendradhata et al., 2017, p.44). In 2019, BPJS and 11 insurance providers (members of Forum Asuransi Kesehatan Indonesia) signed a Coordination of Benefit agreement to simplify the process of adding on private insurance policies to their existing BPJS schemes (Kartika & Walfajri, 2019).


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Private health insurance growth has stagnated over the years and slight decrease was even seen from 2009 to 2014, where the 32 private health insurers collectively covered 1.15%  from 1.17% of the Kenyan population (Kazungu & Barasa, 2017).


Kazungu, J. S., & Barasa, E. W. (2017). Examining levels, distribution and correlates of health insurance coverage in Kenya. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 22(9), 1175–1185.

While the market for private health insurance has increased in the past decade and more multinational insurance companies have entered the market, the last available estimate from the OECD is 4% of total population purchasing private health care insurance (OECD, n.d.).


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