09.01.03. Carers’ benefit | Brazil

09.01.03. Carers’ benefit | Brazil

08 Apr 2022

There are no specific mechanisms for carer’s benefits. However, currently being a carer of an older person is recognized as an occupation and as such, it has the benefits according to each type of signed contract/regimen (CLT, self-employed caregiver, domestic caregiver, or volunteer caregiver) (Brazilian Ministry of Economy, 2019). Besides, the norms that will regulate the caregiver as a proper profession have been approved (under the Law Project N. 11, 2016) by the Congress House but they were then refuted by the current president of Brazil. The matter is awaiting for a final decision by the Congress House (Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, 2016). If sanctioned by the president, the profession will incorporate the labour rights as other formal professions. Unpaid carers are not entitled to receive any specific social protection benefit.


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