07.01.10. What is the estimated cost of dementia? | Kenya

07.01.10. What is the estimated cost of dementia? | Kenya

01 Apr 2022

Persons with dementia and their caregivers (often family members) experience a significant financial impact from the cost of social and health care and loss of income (World Health Organization (WHO), 2017). The cost of dementia in East Sub-Saharan Africa (which includes Kenya) increased by 267.4% from 2010 (US$ 0.4 billion) to 2015 (US$ 1.5 billion) with informal care costs estimated at 68.9%, direct medical cost at 20.8% and social care costs at 10.3% in 2015 (Prince et al., 2015). However, there is no study conducted in Kenya that has specifically evaluated the cost of dementia.


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