How are these links initiated/maintained? | Hong Kong SAR How are these links initiated/maintained? | Hong Kong SAR

22 Aug 2022

These services are all connected by service referrals made by professionals. These links are strongly maintained by the professional training of various types of profession involved and the referral guidelines of each party. Primary care such as private clinic of a general practitioner is usually the first point of contact of people suspected of dementia. Depending on the affordability and preferences of the older adults, referrals will be made to a specialist clinic in a public hospital or another private clinic for further investigation or diagnosis. After receiving a diagnosis, the medical team will formulate individualised treatment plans for the people with dementia, provide them with medication, cognitive training and rehabilitation services, and refer them to suitable social service agencies for follow-up in the community according to their needs. In order to use subsidised community or residential care services, same as for other older adults, people with dementia need to go through the needs assessments regulated by the Social Welfare Department.

Apart from the path previously mentioned, older adults often become in need of care before developing dementia. If existing community care service users were suspected of dementia, their service providers would be their first point of contact and would refer them to a specialist for diagnosis directly.