07.01.06. Are there dedicated services supporting people with dementia after a diagnostic of dementia? | India

07.01.06. Are there dedicated services supporting people with dementia after a diagnostic of dementia? | India

08 Jul 2022

There are limited dedicated dementia day-care centres, respite care, and long-term care homes across the country situated mainly in urban locations or metropolitan cities. In 2010, there were about 6 residential care facilities, 10 day-care centres with medical attention and supervision, 6 domiciliary care services providing care at home, 100 memory clinics and 10 dementia help-lines across India (Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), 2010). The numbers are gradually increasing due to an increase in awareness and greater need for dementia services (Kishore, 2019a).

Table 7.2 Dementia day-care centres in India

Serial No. City Specification Number of day cares
1 Bangalore Three day-care/active ageing centres managed by the Nightingales Medical Trust/ ARDSI Bangalore Chapter 3
2 Chennai Dignity Day Care by Dignity Chennai, and Day care of DEMCARES (SCARF) 3
3 Delhi/ NCR Managed by ARDSI Delhi Chapter 1
4 Guwahati Managed by ARDSI Guwahati Chapter 1
5 Hyderabad Dementia Activity Centre by ARDSI Hyderabad-Deccan, AND Red-Cross – Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre 2
6 Kochi ARDSI Comprehensive Dementia Day Care Centre by ARDSI Kochi Chapter 1
7 Kolkata Smriti Sudhay by ARDSI Kolkata Chapter 1
8 Mumbai Smriti Vishvam by ARDSI Mumbai Chapter, Aarambh by Aaji Care 4
9 Pune Rainbow Day Care, Sanctus Rehabilitation Care Foundation (SRCF), Ananddham, JyesthaNagrikVirangula Kendra 4
10  Patna Day Care Centre by Helpage 1
11  Thrissur Smruthipadham (day care) at Kunnamkulam 1
      Total- 22

Source (Kishore, 2019a)

There are few other dementia daycares run by private and other organisations such as Nema Elder care (Gurgaon), Kriti Elder care (Gurgaon), Samarth (Mumbai), Varista (Mumbai), Dignity Dementia Day Care Centre (Chennai), Demcare – Centre for Active Aging (Chennai) and other which are not listed.


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