Amount of alcohol consumed per capita (15+) | Hong Kong SAR Amount of alcohol consumed per capita (15+) | Hong Kong SAR

22 Aug 2022

According to the health fact statistics released by the Department of Health, in 2016, prevalence of daily alcohol drinking in Hong Kong was 2.8% for the population aged 18-64 (4.3% for male and 1.8% for female) (Department of Health, 2018). For further breakdown by age groups, according to an earlier population health survey in 2014/2015, the prevalence was the highest at 5.1% for the age group of 75-84 (Centre for Health Protection, 2017). In 2018, the alcohol consumption per capita was 2.85 litres among people aged 15 and above in Hong Kong (Department of Health, 2020, March 5).


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