06.02.12. What risk factors have been associated with dementia? | Indonesia

06.02.12. What risk factors have been associated with dementia? | Indonesia

20 Apr 2022

The national dementia strategy document mentioned several risk factors which can affect brain health negatively over the life course. These including congenital anomaly, genetics, smoking, alcohol, malnutrition, non-communicable and communicable diseases, metabolic diseases, vascular, and neurological disorders (Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, 2015b).

Surveymeter’s study in Bali shows that 47.6% of respondents diagnosed with dementia reported a comorbidity with stroke, followed by 40% with cancer, 38.8% heart disease, and 34.6% hypertension. However, the study did not investigate the association between these possible risk factors with dementia (Suriastini et al., 2018). Other studies in different populations have also reported the association with hypertension (Fitri & Rambe, 2018), diabetes (Kayo et al., 2012), and dyslipidemia (Maryam & Sahar, 2019). Moreover, according to Turana et al., 2019, the highest estimated population-attributable risks are low education, smoking, and physical inactivity (Turana et al., 2019).


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