A new or a revised National Dementia Plan? | Brazil A new or a revised National Dementia Plan? | Brazil

08 Apr 2022

Yes. The first National Dementia Plan is likely to be totally approved as it has been already approved by the Senate House, but it still needs approval from the Chamber of Deputies and sanction from the president of the Republic. The STRiDE Brazil team is in direct contact with government and STRiDE-Brasil may be key in these policy changes. Professor Cleusa Ferri has contact with the Ministry of Health through her work in the Health Technology Assessment and has been invited to some events to raise awareness and push dementia to the NCD agenda. Professor Nitrini from the STRiDE-Brazil Steering Committee was also invited to go to a meeting at the Chamber of Deputies with several politicians. From that meeting it was agreed that a commission would be created including civil society and politicians to take the further steps to prioritize dementia on the public health and social agenda. It seems that this, together with STRiDE Brazil activities, may accelerate the development of a national strategy in the next few years. Besides, professor Cleusa Ferri has been awarded with a grant from the Ministry of Health to develop the First Dementia National Report which will inform about various topics in dementia such as epidemiology, situation of care, costs etc.