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19 Aug 2022

The care in hospitals is not clearly mentioned in the guideline. However, the chapter regarding progressive cognitive symptoms management (Chapter 4.3.1) mentions the provision of structured activity training at public hospitals and community centres for individuals with dementia. They include daily use of memory aids, cognitive stimulation games, lifestyle readjustment, body-mind interaction activities, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, and the use of online self-help resources. Timely referral to health professionals should be made according to the progress of cognitive decline of persons with dementia, especially for those requiring medical attention (Department of Health, 2017b, p. 29).


Department of Health. (2017b). Hong Kong Reference Framework for Preventive Care for Older Adults in Primary Care Settings: Module on Cognitive Impairment. Retrieved from https://www.fhb.gov.hk/pho/rfs/english/pdf_viewer.html?file=download215&title=string258&titletext=string189&htmltext=string189&resources=07_Module_on_Cognitive_Impairment