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15 Sep 2022

NZ Dementia framework

Workforce training is one of the overarching factors included in the framework, outlining the requirements for education and training opportunities such as the need to follow best practice and for experiential learning and input from people with dementia and their families and whanau. Woven throughout the key elements of the framework are the knowledge and experiential requirements of health care workers.

Dementia plan:

The fourth priority action area of the dementia plan is on Strengthening leadership and capability across the sector. Action areas include:

  • The development and implementation of a workforce strategy that addresses the long-term growth needs of the dementia and aged care sector, and the impact of the ageing workforce, so there are sufficient numbers of appropriately skilled and qualified people available when needed and the need to,
  • Improve training support for best-practice medical care and disability and social support services and make this education more available across all parts of the dementia and aged care sector, home and community care, primary care, and within the core health service.