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18 Aug 2022

The Mental Health Review Report (MHRR) emphasises the need to develop a more refined model for integrated community care and intervention by making a better use of public and private resources for dementia care among the cross-sectoral collaboration between government departments, NGOs, and private sectors. Healthcare professionals at primary and specialist levels (e.g., doctors, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, programme assistants) should be involved in the care pathway for dementia patients, including early assessment, case management, and intervention (Food and Health Bureau, 2017a, pp. 175-180).

The Elderly Services Programme Plan (ESPP) mentions the strategic directions on promoting inter-sectoral, inter-department, inter-disciplinary, and inter-agency collaboration, especially between welfare, healthcare and housing sectors, to achieve seamless and integrated care service delivery for older people (Working Group on Elderly Services Programme Plan, 2017, p. 14).


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