Is there a dementia-specific national document (policy or plan) either in place or under development? | Brazil Is there a dementia-specific national document (policy or plan) either in place or under development? | Brazil

06 Apr 2022

Yes. There is the Law project number 4364/2020 (PL 4364/2020), which institutes the “National Policy for Integrated Care for People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias”. This law project has been approved by the Brazilian Federal Senate and waits for approval from the Chamber of Deputies to be implemented (Brazilian Federal Senate, 2021). Members of STRiDE-Brasil have been advocating for a more comprehensive and person-centred care approach in this law. Some achievements have already happened; however, more changes can be done to improve the law. Therefore, the STRiDE-Brasil team continues to advocate for improving the law.

Apart from that, some municipalities have developed regional plans for dementia. For instance, the Federal District approved in 2021 the law 6.926 regarding the policy for prevention, treatment, and support for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their family carers (Federal District Government, 2021). In the same trend, the city of São Paulo approved also in 2021 the PL 769/2019 (São Paulo Chamber of Deputies, 2019) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul there is the PL 131/2018 (Projeto de Lei n 131/2018, 2018) and in the city of Novo Hamburgo there is the PL 12/2020 (Novo Hamburgo Municipal Chamber, 2020). All of them aim to support people living with dementia and their carers. Besides, some politicians have shown a growing interest in dementia and discussions have been taking place in the Brazilian government. For example, the Professor Ricardo Nitrini (member of the STRiDE-Brasil steering committee) was invited to a meeting in the Chamber of Deputies in 2019 to discuss the creation of a possible dementia plan in Brazil, at that time. In addition, Professor Cleusa Ferri was invited to a meeting in 2020 in the Ministry of Health to discuss strategies for dementia care.


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