Is there any training available to unpaid and informal carers or any form of support? | Hong Kong SAR Is there any training available to unpaid and informal carers or any form of support? | Hong Kong SAR

18 Aug 2022

Carer training programmes and support services, such as counselling services, mutual support groups and group-based psychosocial interventions are widely available in Hong Kong and are provided by all publicly funded community care service units operated by NGOs including elderly community centres, day care centres, and home care teams. Home care teams even provide on-site training at the carer’s home when necessary. Furthermore, since the implementation of the carer allowance scheme, the coverage of carer training programmes and the support services have been further broadened, therefore, social workers at elderly community centres (i.e., District Elderly Community Centres) can reach more carers in need. Although these training programmes are not necessarily dementia-specific, dementia is a common and recurrent training topic.

In addition, the dementia-specific carer training programme is delivered under the territory-wide Dementia Community Support Scheme. One of the core services of the scheme is the “provision of training and support services to the carers on stress management and counselling services, knowledge of taking care of elderly people with dementia, formation of carer support groups, etc. with a view to alleviating carers’ burden” (Food and Health Bureau, 2019a). For more details about Dementia Community Support Scheme, please refer to Part 7.

Moreover, for financial support, under the carer allowance scheme in Hong Kong, low-income family carers will receive HK$2,400 per month to supplement their living expenses.

For more information about unpaid care in Hong Kong, please refer to Part 8.


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