03.03.01. Size and structure of the workforce | Hong Kong SAR

03.03.01. Size and structure of the workforce | Hong Kong SAR

18 Aug 2022

Census and Statistic Department keeps a good record of the number of persons by industry in Hong Kong. As of September 2019, the size of workforce in residential care service is 33,834 persons (5,777 males and 28,057 females), and that of social work services is 31,812 persons (7,977 males and 23,835 females) (Census and Statistics Department, 2019, September). The types of professions in LTC workforce include social workers, registered nurses, enrolled nurses, physiotherapists / physiotherapist assistants, occupational therapists / occupational therapy assistants, health workers, personal care workers, paramedical staff and ancillary workers. In 2019, Hong Kong had 326 social workers, 568 registered nurses, 190 enrolled nurses, 46 physiotherapists, and 32 occupational therapists per 100,000 population (Nursing Council of Hong Kong, n.d.; Occupational Therapists Board, 2020, January; Physiotherapists Board, 2020, January; Social Workers Registration Board, 2020, February 10).

Particularly for residential care homes, there is a minimum staffing requirement for different levels of staff according to the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Regulation (Cap 459A). In 2020, the staff to resident ratios in Care and Attention Home of nurses, health workers, personal care workers, and ancillary workers were 1:60, 1:30, 1:20/40/60, and 1:40 respectively (Social Welfare Department, 2020, January).


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