02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | South Africa

02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | South Africa

13 Aug 2022

The public sector is financed through general taxation and equals 48.37% of the total health expenditure being funded by the State (StatsSA, 2012), serving 84% of the population (Mahlathi & Dlamini, 2015). The private sector is funded by voluntary medical aid membership (66%) and out-of-pocket payments (29.7%) (EMERALD, 2017) and comprises about 51.63% of the country’s total health expenditure (StatsSA, 2012), serving only 16% of the population (Mahlathi & Dlamini, 2015). Approximately 8.5% of GDP is spent on health, whereby 4.1% is spent by the public sector on 84% of the population and 4.4% spent by the private sector on 16% of the population (Fusheini & Eyles, 2016).


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