02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | Jamaica

02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | Jamaica

27 Sep 2022

According to the CIA World Factbook (2019), health expenditure for Jamaica amounted to 5.4% of GDP in 2014. The health system is financed by allocations made within the country’s national budget and the National Health Fund (NHF), which is an agency of the Ministry of Health established in 2003 by the National Health Fund Act. The NHF derives monies from multiple sources, including 20% of Special Consumption Tax charged on Tobacco Products (NHF, n.d.). The health system is also financed via private-public partnerships. In 2011, Jamaica’s private insurance expenditure on health per capita was 11.7% of the total health expenditure per capita in comparison to general government expenditure on health (54%) and out-of-pocket spending on health per capita (32.5%) (Class, et al., 2014). The Regional Health Authorities receive funding allocations from the Ministry of Health and Wellness.


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