02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | India

02.02.01. How is the health system financed? | India

06 Jul 2022

Household health expenditures comprised 54.3% (including insurance contributions) of THE in 2017-2018 (NHSRC, 2021). Out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditures contributed to 48.8% of THE in 2017-2018 (NHSRC, 2021). Government health expenditures comprised 40.8% of THE in the same period (NHSRC, 2021).

Of the Current Health Expenditure, Union Government and State Government’s share is Rs.60,442 crores (12%) and Rs.90872 crores (18.1%) respectively in 2017-2018 (NHSRC, 2021). Local bodies’ share is Rs.4965 crores (1%), Households share (including insurance contributions) about Rs.3,008,225 crores (61.4%, OOPE being 55.1%) (NHSRC, 2021). Enterprises contribution (including insurance contributions) is Rs.26,335 crores (5.3%), NGOs is Rs.7,936 crores (1.6), and funding from external donors contributes to about Rs.2955 crores (0.6%) in 2017-2018 (NHSRC, 2021).


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