01.02.03. Prevalence or burden of injury and violence | Hong Kong SAR

01.02.03. Prevalence or burden of injury and violence | Hong Kong SAR

16 Aug 2022

According to the Injury Survey 2008 conducted by the Centre for Health Protection, 6.2% of the Hong Kong population (415,200 persons) reported at least one unintentional injury that limited their normal activities in the past 12 months. The prevalence rate was similar for both genders and was found to be highest for those aged 75 and over (8.9%). The most common causes of injury episodes were falls (32.2%), sprain (25.8%) and sports (14.1%). Falls were found to be most common cause of injury episodes in females (40.8%) and among those aged 75 and over (74.3%) (Centre for Health Protection, 2010). The average cost of the total medical expenses incurred in each injury episode was HK$1,929 (median HK$300). The total cost incurred as a result of injuries was estimated at HK$838.6 million (95% CI HK$473.9 million to HK$1,203.4 million) in 2008. The cost was increasing with age and the highest in persons aged 65 and over (median for those aged 65 and over: HK$500). More than half of the injury episodes (51.3%) sustained by employed persons caused them to be absent from work temporarily for an average of 19.8 days (median 7.0 days). The mean and median of paid sick leaves taken were 13.5 and 5.0 days respectively. About 36.2% of the injury episodes caused the victims to change their normal daily activities and 1.4% caused them to develop residual disabilities for 6 months or longer. 13.0% of the injury episodes were reported to cause a decline in usual household income (Centre for Health Protection, 2010; 2015). The next round of such survey, namely Unintentional Injury Survey 2018, was conducted by the Centre for Health Protection and completed in 2019. Survey results are yet to be released.

In 2013, there were 1,860 registered deaths related to injuries, which made injuries the 5th leading cause of death in Hong Kong. Among the deaths related to injuries, the top 3 leading causes were intentional self-harm (53.7%), falls (12.5%) and transport accidents (7.5%). For the potential years of life lost at age 75, injuries ranked second among all causes of death (after cancer) and accounted for 15.7% of the total potential year lost  (Centre for Health Protection, 2015).


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