00. About this report | India

00. About this report | India

15 Jun 2022

The dementia care landscape in India: context, systems, policies and services

STRiDE Desk Review

Suvarna Alladi1, Jayeeta Rajagopalan1, Saadiya Hurzuk2, Meera Pattabiraman2, Narendhar R2, Priya Treesa Thomas3, Vibhasri R Gurjal4, Divya Ballal5, Indrani Gupta6, Archisman Mohapatra7, Yogeshwar Kalkonde8, Girish N Rao9, Klara Lorenz-Dant10, Adelina Comas-Herrera10, Wendy Weidner 11, Martin Knapp10


June 2022

This desk review has been carried out as part of an in-depth situational analysis of the dementia landscape, with the aim of providing a diagnostic of the current situation, considering the multiple factors that need to be considered in order to identify opportunities and barriers to improvement. For more information on the methodology, please see the desk-review topic guide here.

The desk review has been completed by answering a series of questions that provide context to the health, long-term care and social protection systems, the policies and services in place for people with dementia and available data and research. This review has been used to identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to future dementia care, treatment and support and to inform policy and practice recommendations.


Alladi S., Rajagopalan J., Hurzuk S., Pattabiraman M., Narendhar R., Thomas P.T., Gurjal V.R., Ballal D., Gupta I., Mohapatra A., Kalkonde Y., Rao G.N., Lorenz-Dant K., Comas-Herrera A., Weidner W., Knapp M. (2022)  The dementia care landscape in India: context, systems, policies and services. STRiDE Desk Review. CPEC, London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

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