Vignettes - Mr Fawaz and his family, current experience

Mr Fawaz is 68 years old and retired 8 years ago from his job as a central government employee. He lives with his wife in a city in North India. The couple live by themselves and are very socially active among their community. Mr Fawaz’s wife looks after him, as he is unable to remember basic things such as whether he has had his meals or taken a bath. He started forgetting and misplacing things almost 2 years ago, but for the past 1.5 years his wife has observed a number of changes in his daily activities. He is having difficulty speaking, swallowing his food, has forgotten the names of his closest friends, and he does not recognize his son or grandkids when they come to visit from the United States (US) for holidays. Mrs Fawaz, 63 years of age, is also a retired government bank employee. She has her own medical issues for which she visits a hospital that provides medical insurance coverage for retired government employees.


On one of her medical check-ups with her general physician, Mrs Fawaz informed her doctor about the stress she is experiencing as a result of looking after her husband. The doctor suggested that she bring her husband in to see his colleague who is a neurologist. The neurologist examines Mr Fawaz and suggests an MRI […]

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