DESK REVIEWS | Psychosocial support for carers

DESK REVIEW | Psychosocial support for carers

The number of psychosocial support services available for carers in India is limited. In 2010, there were approximately 100 memory clinics in the country that were reported to offer assessment information and advice (ARDSI, 2010). Six domiciliary care services and 10 dementia helplines exclusive to persons with dementia were also reported in 2010 (ARDSI, 2010). These numbers are gradually increasing due to an increase in awareness and greater need for dementia services. Organisations like ARDSI, Nightingales Medical Trust and Caregiver SAATHI also provide psychosocial support through frequent caregiver support meetings and telephone support with counsellors and dementia experts.


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There is no systematic psychosocial support from the government for unpaid or family caregivers in Indonesia. However, it is worth noting that there is a non-governmental organisation working to support dementia caregivers in Indonesia such as Alzheimer Indonesia and Perkumpulan Asuhan Demensia Indonesia (PADI), which conducts events such as talks and seminars focusing on educating and improving capabilities of caregivers of people with dementia (Alzheimer’s Indonesia, 2019b; Perkumpulan Asuhan Demensia Indonesia, n.d.).


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