DESK REVIEWS | Residential long-term care facilities

DESK REVIEW | Residential long-term care facilities

Yes, but in a small number.

Yes, there are a few residential care centres that are run by non-governmental and private organisations (table 7.5).

The numbers of “panti jompo” or “panti werdha” or homes for older people in Indonesia are minimal (Redaksi KOPI Pewarta Indonesia, 2019). There are only about 250 panti jompo (capacity 200,000 older people) and 20 panti werdha (capacity 2,000 older people) in the whole nation. The number is unlikely to increase significantly, as the Minister of Social Affairs had emphasised more on family-based caring model for older people instead of through the pantis (, 2016).


Redaksi KOPI Pewarta Indonesia. (2019). Hasil Survey YPI, Jababeka Senior Living Merupakan Panti Werdha Terbaik di Indonesia. (2016). Menteri Sosial Imbau Lansia Tak Dirawat di Panti Jompo.

Yes, the majority of these are managed by either faith-based organizations or private organizations. There are no government-owned facilities offering residential care in Kenya (National Gender and Equality Commission, 2016).


National Gender and Equality Commission. (2016). Audit of Residential Institutions of Older Members of Society in Selected Counties of Kenya. Nairobi, Kenya.

So far, to our knowledge (including FEDMA), there are only four residential LTC facilities specialised in people with dementia available in the country, two in Mexico City, one in the state of Morelos, and one in the state of Querétaro.

As noted above, while (for-profit and non-profit) private care homes usually have as their main requirement for entry that the older adult is “functional and independent”, those who develop dementia will usually remain under their care, while others will have to return to the care of a family member. As a result, most older people with dementia in receiving care in LTC institutions will receive sub-standard care or care that is not optimal as most of the managers and carers are not trained, nor the institutions are equipped to provide dementia care and management.

There is no routine monitoring and surveillance of LTC-sector. Therefore, no information is available on the total number of beds for each of these facilities and how many are dedicated (if at all) to dementia-specific care/services.