DESK REVIEWS | 05.08.03. Accessibility of public transportation vehicles

DESK REVIEW | 05.08.03. Accessibility of public transportation vehicles

Free public transport is available for people over 65 years of age using urban public transportation, as secured by the ‘older people’s statute’ (Presidency of Republic of Brazil, 2003). For more details on this, please refer to part 9. The public transport is mostly made up of buses and, although they have priority seats for older people, they are not well adapted in terms of accessibility for older people to use them. For example, the buses’ steps are very steep, making it difficult for many older people to enter. In addition, the bus floors may not be adequate or spacious enough for older people to walk on. A selection of the buses available are adapted for disabled people, in which wheelchairs can be allocated. People living with disability should also have access to free transportation under the ‘disabled people’s statute’. The Federal and District Attorney services are responsible for ensuring that these laws are realised in practice at municipal level.


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Yes. Suggestions are listed under the domain of Transportation in the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project.

There have been various initiatives in Indonesia aimed to increase the elderly’s access to public transportation services and to increase their general mobility. In 2017, the City Government of Bandung plans to eliminate fees for the use of public transportation for elderly citizens. The mayor ensured that the Bandung City Government was committed about empowering its elderly citizens, such as through the creation of the Elderly Regional Commission (Komda Elderly) of the City of Bandung (Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Barat, 2017).

In 2020, DAMRI, a State-Owned Enterprise supported the Government of West Java to become an operator of Scania Low Deck buses. This type of bus is accommodated to the needs of elderly and disabled population (Humas DAMRI, 2020).


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Part X, section 40, subsections 1 and 2, stipulates that the Ministry of Transport and Works is responsible for ensuring that public passenger vehicles are accessible to persons with disability. Public passenger vehicles refer to “…any motor vehicle or any other conveyance for transport by road, rail, air or water that provides the general public with a general or special transportation service on a regular or continuing basis” (Disabilities Act, 2014, p.21).

Additionally, the Persons with Disabilities Sector Plan (PIOJ, 2009) states that: “The regular bus system in the capital city, Kingston, is not wheelchair accessible. However, four buses were designated by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) specifically for people with disabilities and [older persons]. These buses run heavily travelled routes and connect places such as hospitals, schools, the main shopping areas, and local residential communities. In October, two additional buses were added to the fleet…The Montego Transit Company provides a similar service in Montego Bay. Reduced fares are offered to [older persons] and people with disabilities travelling on public” p17.


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