DESK REVIEWS | Dementia awareness, stigma reduction and dementia-friendly communities

DESK REVIEW | Dementia awareness, stigma reduction and dementia-friendly communities

The Ministry of Health tries to conduct dementia awareness campaigns in the whole country, every year in September. Actions carried out by dementia associations also greatly contribute to increase dementia awareness, stigma reduction, and the development of dementia-friendly communities. These types of action are supported by the Older People’s Statute as they contribute to increase attention and protection of older people (Presidency of Republic of Brazil, 2003).


Presidency of Republic of Brazil. (2003). Estatuto do Idoso. Presidency of Republic of Brazil; National Congress of Brazil’s Information System.


The Kerala State Initiative on Dementia (KSID) (Social Justice Department and ARDSI, 2014) addresses dementia awareness and dementia friendly initiatives (through campaigns, pledges, and sensitisation events) at a subnational level.


Social Justice Department and ARDSI (2014). Kerala State Initiative on Dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Raising awareness of dementia through dementia awareness campaigns was set as the first action point of the policy. These campaigns are supposed to be held by revising older programmes and creating new programmes that promote healthy lifestyles, as well as raise awareness of risk factors and protective factors. The campaigns are set to be distributed through schools, families, and society. However, the policy does not provide information about their anticipated content or whether it aims to reduce stigma and/or support the creation of dementia-friendly communities (Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, 2015b).


Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia. (2015b). National Strategy: Management of Alzheimer and Other Dementia Diseases: Towards Healthy and Productive Older Persons. Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.

It raises the need to consider dementia as a public health problem, integrating civil society, private institutions, and industry in the fight against dementia, against discrimination, and to promote mobilisation.