DESK REVIEWS | Are people with dementia encouraged to/ supported in maintaining self- management where possible?

DESK REVIEW | Are people with dementia encouraged to/ supported in maintaining self- management where possible?

Probably yes (policy level), but there is no evidence that this occurs in practice. Not only people living with dementia, but older people in general as part of the multidimensional assessment which aims to keep people clinically, psychosocially, and functionally independent (Brazilian Ministry of Health, 2018e).


Brazilian Ministry of Health. (2018e). Orientações Técnicas para a Implementação de Linha de Cuidado para Atenção integral à Saúde da Pessoa Idosa no Sistema Único de Saúde—SUS. Ministério da Saúde do Brasil.


Although not explicitly stated, this is mainly addressed in the fourth action step (early diagnosis and management). These are the indicators which support people with dementia in maintaining self-management:

  • Indicator 1.5 all referral facilities should have neurorestoration service (rehabilitation based on neuroscience principles). This serves as a mean to help the person with dementia maintain their independence.
  • Indicators 1.6 and 1.7 refer to the increased number and quality of day care and home care services. This will support people who are no longer in good health and need assistance in staying active and in performing daily activities of living.
  • Indicator 1.9 increased proportion of older people with disability (physical or cognitive) who can continue participating in physical, social, and spiritual activities. This serves as a secondary prevention effort.
  • Indicators 2.1 and 2.2 refer to the presence of a guideline on dementia care and training for caregivers (Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, 2015b).

Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia. (2015b). National Strategy: Management of Alzheimer and Other Dementia Diseases: Towards Healthy and Productive Older Persons. Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.


There’s no special emphasis on it.

Not applicable as there is no dementia-specific policy or plan for South Africa.