Impact on social protection | Brazil Impact on social protection | Brazil

08 Apr 2022

An integrative review about family care in Brazil showed that the carer role resulted in mental, physical, and financial overload, but that this situation was usually seen as both negative (due to the stress of caring for house chores and for the needed person) and positive (given the feelings of love, gratitude, and companionship towards the cared person) by the carers. In the same review, authors found signs of depression and stress among the carers. It is important to point out that this review is about older people’s carers in general, and not specifically about carers of people living with dementia (Oliveira & D’Elboux, 2012). Regarding impacts on employment and education, many of the unpaid carers stopped working or studying after assuming the carer role (Giacomin et al., 2018). No documented impacts on social protection were found.


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