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08 Jul 2022

Studies have examined the impact of unpaid care on the mental health of caregivers in India. For instance, a case control study conducted in Northern India examined the perceived stress experienced by caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease type dementia (Anand et al., 2016). The study reported that when compared to caregivers of individuals with chronic illness, caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease type dementia had higher amounts of perceived stress. Similarly, Pattanayak and colleagues (2010) also examined the experiences of carers of people with Alzheimer’s type dementia. The authors found that caregivers experienced a moderate level of burden, with female caregivers in particular perceiving higher levels of burden with respect to their physical and mental health. Another study conducted in rural Tamil Nadu reported prevalence of depression among informal caregivers of older adults as 10.6% (Brinda et al., 2014). Behavioural issues (Jathana, Latha and Bhandary, 2010; Prince et al., 2012; Shaji et al., 2009; Shaji et al., 2003), time/duration spent on caregiving (Brinda et al., 2014; Jathana, Latha and Bhandary, 2011; Prince et al., 2012) and functional disability (Brinda et al., 2014; Sinha et al., 2017) were commonly found to be associated with caregiver strain/burden across studies in India.


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