Provisions which aim to end discrimination against people with dementia | Kenya Provisions which aim to end discrimination against people with dementia | Kenya

01 Apr 2022

Kenya’s Mental Health Policy vision is to have “A nation where mental health is valued and promoted, mental disorders prevented and persons affected by mental disorders are treated without stigmatization and discrimination” and one of the priority actions is to “undertake communication programs to reduce stigma” (Ministry of Health, 2015c), page 7, page 14. Provisions to end discrimination in the workplace are covered within core values or mission statements for certain organizations. However, this is not specific to people with dementia. A task force on mental health was constituted in December 2019 whose mandate was to assess Kenya’s mental health status, systems including legal, policy and administrative environment and social determinants of adverse mental health outcomes and report on the recommendations that would lead to improved mental health and quality of life (Ministry of Health, 2020). Preliminary results in early 2020 revealed existing issues around stigma for different mental disorders and provided recommendations for improved funding for mental health care and integration of mental health services in primary health care settings in all counties.


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