Is dementia integrated into or covered by a different national plan (such as a mental health plan)? | Hong Kong SAR Is dementia integrated into or covered by a different national plan (such as a mental health plan)? | Hong Kong SAR

18 Aug 2022

There is no dementia-specific strategy in planning and provision of support services for older people with dementia.

However, dementia is covered by the health care and long-term care policy in Hong Kong. Starting from 2014-2015, the Government has provided Dementia Supplement (DS) on a recurrent amount of about $230 million annually as additional support for dementia care in residential care homes to employ additional professional staff. Also, an additional recurrent funding of about $22 million annually was allocated for District Elderly Community Centres (DECCs) to employ more social workers to strengthen the support for older people with dementia and their family carers. Besides, the Hospital Authority (HA) has allocated an additional funding of $12 million to increase the use of new anti-dementia drugs and about 2,700 patients benefited from it (Secretary for Labour and Welfare, 2017, June 27; The Government of the Hong Kong SAR, 2015, June 17).

Apart from the existing financial allocation on services for dementia care, the Government has conducted reviews on the service provision for older people with dementia through an expert group of the Review Committee on Mental Health under the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) since 2013. Also, the 2014 Policy Address has announced that the Elderly Commission under the Labour and Welfare Bureau (LWB) should review and strengthen the medium and long-term care planning for older people including dementia as one of the main issues. In 2017, the Mental Health Review Report (MHRR) and the Elderly Services Programme Plan (ESPP) have been submitted to the Government. Afterwards, the Government has been implementing follow-up actions according to the strategic directions and recommendations in the MHRR and ESPP (Legislative Council Secretariat, 2017, February 21).

In the 2017 Policy Address, the Government has announced a series of new initiatives to enhance dementia care and support at the community level, including outreaching services and additional 1,000 Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly to older people with moderate or severe impairment. The Financial Secretary has allocated about $2.9 billion for strengthening elderly and rehabilitation services, including territory-wide public education on dementia, provision of technology products and speech therapy in elderly service units. Besides, the Government has launched the Dementia Community Support Scheme to provide multi-disciplinary community support services through medical-social collaboration for persons with mild or moderate dementia and family carers since 2017 (The Government of the Hong Kong SAR, 2018, July 4).


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