What is the process for deciding how much funding is available for health service provision? | Kenya What is the process for deciding how much funding is available for health service provision? | Kenya

03 Mar 2022

Half of the total national health budget is allocated to three referral hospitals while resource allocation to the 47 counties is provided in block grants and is based on a resource allocation formula that takes into consideration factors such as the population, poverty levels, land share etc. The counties then decide the amount to be allocated to health. (Health Policy Project, 2016). Although the proportion of total government budget allocation to health (national and county) has increased over the past few years (7% in Financial Years (FYs) 2017/18 to 9.2% in FYs 2018/19) (Ministry of Health, 2018), it is still below the Abuja Declaration level of 15% .

During the financial year 2014/15, 38 of the 47 counties allocated at least 15% of the total county budget to health, with a larger share of the health budget given to conditions with a high burden (Health Policy Project, 2016). These allocations increased from 27% in FY 2016/17 27.2% in FY 2017/18 which is still below the pre-devolution level of 35% (Health Policy Plus, 2019). In Kenya, the financial year begins on 1st July of the present calendar year and ends on 30thth June of the following year. The budget making process in each county is a cycle (each cycle contains four financial quarters of three months each) with four quarters as follows (Githinji, 2019):

  • First Quarter (1st July to 30th September): Each county treasury to issue every county department and the public with a circular on the budget process guidelines for the following financial year
  • Second Quarter (1st October to 31st December): The county treasury tables the county budget reviews before the county assembly and the county governments to publish first quarter implementation reports.
  • Third Quarter (1st January to 31st March): The county governments publicize and publish second quarter implementation reports. The county treasury tables, publishes, and publicizes the County Fiscal Strategy Paper for approval by the county assembly.
  • Fourth Quarter (1st April to 30th June): The county governments publicize and publish third quarter implementation reports and the county treasury submits the budget estimates to the county assembly who will pass the appropriation bill.

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