01.03.08. Education system overview | Hong Kong SAR

01.03.08. Education system overview | Hong Kong SAR

16 Aug 2022

In Hong Kong, preschool education is not free and is operated by non-profit-making and private enterprises. Primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary education for a total of 12 years are universal, mandatory, and free. For post-secondary education, higher education institutions provide publicly-funded as well as self-financing programmes at or above sub-degree level (Education Bureau, 2019). Regarding the population’s education level in 2018, the total population of no schooling/pre-primary was 3.8% (243.9 thousand people), primary was 14.1% (920.3 thousand people), lower secondary was 15.0% (973.0 thousand people), upper secondary was 34.0% (2214.1 thousand people), post-secondary non-degree was 7.7% (503.2 thousand people), and post-secondary degree was 25.4% (1651.9 thousand people). Among those aged 60 and over, the distribution of educational attainment were: 12.6% no schooling/pre-primary, 37.2% primary, 18.3 % lower secondary, 21.1% upper secondary, 3.3% post-secondary non-degree, and 7.5% post-secondary degree (Census and Statistics Department, 2019i).


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