01.01.06. Migration | Hong Kong SAR

01.01.06. Migration | Hong Kong SAR

16 Aug 2022

Hong Kong is a small and highly dense city in which people can relocate across district (within the city) without any application for migration. Relocation of residence within Hong Kong is common especially among rental households. The Census and Statistics Department regularly captures the change of residence of the population age 5 and over. In 2016 population by-census, 10.6% (745,369 persons) had internally migrated from one district to another compared to five years ago (i.e., 2011-2016). Among them, 12.2% (90,936 persons) were aged 65 or over, consisting of 44.3% males (40,264 persons) and 55.7% females (50,672 persons) (Census and Statistics Department, 2018b).

For international migration, there are no official statistics exactly recording the number of migrants moving into or out of Hong Kong. Instead, based on the number of residents, the Census and Statistics Department constantly records the net movement of Hong Kong residents (i.e., inflow less outflow). It is important to note that, this figure will cover the inflow and outflow of permanent residents as well as non-permanent residents. Non-permanent residents moving in or out of Hong Kong are usually not migrants but one-way permit holder from mainland China, foreign domestic helpers, or individuals holding working or student visa. From the year end of 2017 to 2018, there was a net movement of 66,700 persons into Hong Kong (Census and Statistics Department, 2019g), of which 42,300 were one-way permit holders from the mainland China (Census and Statistics Department, 2019j).


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